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Project Overview[]

WorldHealer is a place for sharing world-changing ideas and good practices - social, political, environmental.

You can read the WorldHealer concept, and the WorldHealer mission statement

WorldHealer is like Wikipedia in its structure - anyone can read it, anyone can edit it. Wikipedia is a store for facts, but WorldHealer stores ways to look after our world, the places, the people and the creatures and plants that make it. WorldHealer is a 'how to' manual.

We all hear the news every day - what can we do to make things better? We can use WorldHealer to find, try and share ideas. Our ideas become reality. Have a look at things to do for more ideas, especially the ones at the top of the page if you haven't used WorldHealer before.

Later, when we're inspired and we find we're working together, we can share our experiences.

To explore, click on any blue link to jump to that page. Also, see our recent articles for some ideas of things to try.

To find a specific idea use the 'search' box on the left or the subject list at the top.

Have a go - use one of the idea pages. Try the whole or part of an idea - keep a note of what was good and what was best about the idea and its outcomes. How can that idea develop? Our notes will make our ideas mature and become realistic.

Share them by using the 'edit' tab at the top of each page. To practise, see the tutorial pages on Central Wikia.

Everyone can edit WorldHealer. When you're inspired with a vision for how to heal some part of the world, go ahead and tell the world how! We'll all be delighted that you're joining in! Post an idea on Forum:Watercooler. Or sart a new article. Remember, you can't do any harm, because any page can be rolled back to an earlier appearance if needs be.

If we need help at any time, we can ask the helper or post a message on Forum:Help desk.

You might be thinking 'what's the point of getting involved?'. There are some inspiring messages on the proverbs page. According to William Blake, in his Book of Thel we only have one reason to be here, and it's not for ourselves! Why not read the Book of Thel and see what you think? There's also a commentary on Wikipedia.

Recent Articles[]

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Featured Pages[]

  • Supplier Directory and Review. Full of retail opportunities for meeting our daily needs. Today all the links refer to UK suppliers - we can add suppliers details in other countries just as soon as we find them. Have a look through the categories in the directory and see if there are any bargains to be had, or write a review of one of these suppliers, add a new supplier.
  • Recycling in York is a new page inspired by Guy at the Evil Eye lounge in Stonegate, York, UK, that aims to process more of the waste glass produced by outlets in the city centre for recycling. Check out the project by clicking on the blue link and add your name to the list of supporters.
  • Partner Wikis. For other wikis that have a similar theme to WorldHealer, but which might hold views or ideals different to WorldHealer's.

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