WorldHealer was first published in mid January 2007. At the time of writing this resource is about two weeks old. WorldHealer contains a few sample pages, edited in by the administrator as examples. To develop in to a useful resource WorldHealer will need to have:

  • The support of a group of first editors, who may have an interest in being listed as site administrators and who are interested in the concept of the resource.
  • Content. There is a minimum amount of written content which will sustain the interest of readers, and creating this initial amount of content could be an aim of first editors.
  • Only publicity will encourage use and editing of this resource, so time spent fostering others' enthusiasm for the site is of great value.
  • Special skills - There are several different skills at a premium: technical knowledge can help us deliver good looking pages and ensure the security and flexibility of the site. Confident writing skills will improve the readability of content. Critical feedback skills (being able to analyse the potential for improvement and being able to communicate this message in an intelligent and sensitive way) are of strategic importance in creating both a culture and a structure that are sustainable and in keeping with the concept.

Got the skill but it's not on the list? If you have an idea for applying your skill or enthusiasm to the site but you need to discuss it further, write in on the discussion page above.

Above all remember - an interest in the concept is everything. The rest can follow. This is a site for anyone and everyone, so if we have an interest and we can see that something should be different, we need to be bold and go ahead and make the change.

To discuss any ideas, give feedback, ask questions about how to help, to express your interest or your support, or if you would like to stay in touch with the progress of the project, you can get guidance here.